11 januari 2017

Verdieping buitenland

Tanec, Dech & Meditace

Brno – Tsjechië : Weekend 31 March -2 April 2023

Wild & Tender 

This weekend is open for both new and experienced dancers.

You are invited to explore in dance the intrinsic harmony between polar opposites: day and night, man and woman, birth and death, wild and tender. They are not only polar opposites, they also complement and support each other. During the weekend, you will be led to experience in your own body howall opposites are complementary and meet in oneness, that is in nothingness, from where everything arises.

Dance and meditation are beautiful vehicles to support and guide us in the meeting of the opposites. And in this meeting the opposites will melt in each other and become one. We will be learning to move freely from one to the other as easily as possible – we will be learning to become so liquid, so flowing in the dance, and so ready to get wild, as to truly own both poles. This meeting is revealing life as juicy, joyous, full of love and balanced. That’s were dance becomes a meditation and meditation becomes a dance. It is like breathing in and breathing out: when you breathe in there is one movement and when you breathe out the movement is just the opposite. But breathing in and breathing out make one full breath – the breath becomes circular.

When we are rooted in our feet, we are more present in our body, our heart, our mind. And the deeper we are rooted in the body, the deeper we can explore the inner mystery of our dance. On the way we encounter all different patterns and habits – in our movement, and also in our thoughts and feelings. We will dance through the known and unknown layers of ourselves, to reconnect to our authenticity. Dance can be a deep healing journey when we are ready to take a step into the unknown. Dance it, embody it, be it.

Besides dancing, one afternoon we will do the powerful Breath meditation, developed by Naropa. Breath is a direct portal to our being. Mati has been combining dance, meditation and breath in her work – both individually and in groups – since 2018.

Start Friday evening 31 March (open evening) – Sunday 2 April

To register contact: veronika@czimmermann.cz

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