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Dancing Buddha – Trimurti – Tsjechië – 6 t/m 8 maart 2020

Dance in meditation

Dance invites us to discover and surrender to the natural flow of our energy. In my experience dance and meditation nourish each other in a beautiful way. Dance brings us out of our head into the body and allows our energy to flow. In meditation we bring this energy in, where we embody and awaken our presence. When dance and meditation come together they empower each other’s strength. 

When we dance we can experience Oneness. One dissolves in the dance and the dance dissolves in existence. The wave is not a wave by itself anymore, but dissolves in the depth and the wisdom of the ocean. In surrendering to the dance we experience our essence. Here the dance becomes meditation. 

In this weekend dance and meditation will naturally flow from one to the other. Whether we move or sit silently our essence, the source of our being, is always awake in us.

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