11 januari 2017

Verdieping buitenland

Workshop: “Infinite Source”- Tanec, Dech & Meditace

Trimurti – Tsjechië – 17 – 19 september 2021

Beyond the layers of the personality is a vast ocean of freedom & love & live. In this weekend we will connect to this source.

Unfortunately, in our modern world stillness is often a forgotten quality. And as a result, many of us do not know how to get nourished by slowing down and moving inwards with our attention. In the true spirit of stillness, When we are present in our essence, we are both completely relaxed and awake at the same time. If we have the courage to move through the surface of our mind and our feelings, there is no other way than coming home. By returning to the roots of ourselves, we create space in our heart for life and love: our natural state of being. This source is naturally infinite and overflowing in abundance. How do we stay in touch with our essence in the midst of the challenges of life?

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