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Breath – Power of Life  – Brno – Tsjechië

In this cycle of 3 weekends we will dive into the deeper aspect of our life energy and connecting to our true nature. Although it’s beautiful to follow the whole cycle it’s also possible to do just one or two weekends.

Breath – Power of life

Breath is life itself. They are synonymous. When we are born; the first thing we do is inhale, and when we die, the last thing we do is exhale. We are breathing continuously from the moment of birth to the moment of death. Everything changes between these two points, nothing remains the same. Only breathing is constant between birth and death. Breathing is something that goes on, in spite of you, it is out of your control. It is very essential and basic to life. Your life is your breath. That’s why breath is a portal to meditation

Empowering the Body   13 – 15 april 2018

To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short.”- Confucius
The deeper we are connected to our breath, the deeper rooted we are in the body. It’s a matter of life and death. No breath, no life. When we breath superficial, it shows that we live superficial. Breath, which means life, is so honest. It shows your condition. So the question is if we want to live on the surface or do we want to live our life fully and total; to take a deep dive in the ocean.
There is so much energy available in our body, but we do not always know how to stay connected to this source of energy. We feel connected on the dancefloor or in meditation, but we lose the connection with our body so easily in the dynamic of our day to day life situations; work, relationship, friendships and so on. Our energy goes to much in the head and we feel stuck. By bringing more awareness to our breath and connecting that to the body, we learn to nourish ourselves with life energy which is always available in us. It makes us present. We learn to distinguish what is the unhealthy power in us which is pushing us and what is our authentic life energy who wants to grow and develop naturally. We honestly take a look at our life; where do we fully live and where do we compromise and loose our energy. Through dance and meditation, we practise to stay present in the body in all circumstances. When you remember your breath you will suddenly return to the present moment and the source of life. The connection to our body is essential to stay present.

Empowering the Heart        5 – 7 october 2018
“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and Ah! let the soul emerge”. – Rumi

The focus in this weekend is on experiencing our essence. We are full of ideas about the heart, which is often misinterpreted as a bucket full of emotions, feelings and sentiment. While the true Heart has a total different quality. But often when we reconnect to the heart, the first layer which comes up are our supressed feelings and emotions. So how do we approach this in a healthy way?
By breathing less fully into life, we are able to avoid the uncomfortable feelings, our heartaches and emotions. It can become blocked and that will have an effect on our sense of aliveness and wellbeing. Again breath, which means life, is so honest. It shows the real state of affair.  By waking up our life energy, we create more space in the heart. The invitation is to see and be with whatever comes up. We breathe intense and sensitive at the same time. When emotions come up, we allow the pure energy of our emotions, without going into the story of it. The energy can stay fluid instead of fixing it into a story. In this process, we learn to be with what is. We don’t have to get rid of something. And we don’t need to supress either. When we learn this art, we can experience the deeper qualities of the Heart, the expansion of our being. Here we enter the more refined layers of our sensitivity. We can experience a deep consciousness of space, freedom and openness; the essence of what we truly are. We are not the emotions; the true Heart is an endless expansion of love and presence.

In this weekend we will explore, through dance and the breath-meditation, in which I was trained by Naropa, an enlightened Heart master, who I am deeply connected with since 2008.

Empowering the Soul       30 november – 2 december 2018
“Abundance is the very nature of existence, that richness is the very core of life” – Osho

During this weekend we will explore deeper in the subtle layers where dance and Presence meet. The focus is more on the Inner Dancer. We will dance with and without music, so we can experience to move from in silence, without the influence of music. This brings you directly to your inner dancer. The inner body moves all the time. We will explore the bridge between movement and that which is unmoving, our soul, always present in us.
Dance and meditation will naturally flow from one to the other. Whether we move or sit silently our soul is always awake in us. The focus is to ground ourselves deeper in silent meditation.
Meditation on the breath is found in the spiritual practices of many religions, particularly in Buddhism, the meditation technique practiced and taught by Gautama the Buddha. The first step in meditation is to become more aware of the body. When we bring awareness in the body, it will become more relaxed.  To bring awareness to the breath the breath will deepen and soften. By watching the breath, you can experience an interval, you start to recognize that you are not the body, neither the mind, and the emotions. The next step is to not only watch the breath, but to become one with the breath. Than we become one with our being. This is a tantric approach of meditation. Meditation becomes a more sensual and bodily integrated part of our life. Connected to body, heart and soul. In this approach love and meditation come together.

Mati: I was trained by Gabrielle Roth in 1998 and since then I teach intensively in Holland and other European countries. In addition to the dance I have trained with different teachers in the areas of meditation, tantra & bodywork. Out of this experiences I developed a unique way of combining dance, meditation and other sources of inspiration; “Move in Essence”. Since 2008 I am deeply connected with my beloved master and friend Naropa.
The way of the Heart, dance and meditation is a big source of inspiration for my work.

I love working in the Heart- space; When we have the courage to let go of the burden, the heart is so rich and full of life, love, bliss and creativity; an ongoing adventure.

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