22 May 2019

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Workshop: “Spring”- Tanec, Dech & Meditace

Trimurti – Tsjechië:
Easter 14 April (18.00) – 17 April (17.00) 2022  

Easter originated as the spring festival in honour of the goddess of light and spring and the festival was held to celebrate the renewal of life. It also commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus – death and life come together. Both are inseparably connected to each other and always happening at the same time.

And as the famous lyrics by Leonard Cohen remind us, our perceived imperfections are inviting us to let the natural and the inevitable happen. We know their calling for attention very well but our habitual ways of giving the attention are often coming from a sense of inadequacy and we move in circles.

In this workshop, the gifts of music, dance, breath and meditation – all merging and supporting one another – together with the felicitous timing will carry us so that we can surrender to the life force in us doing its work and cracking us open like a seed in the springtime so that we can be fully present to Life and what it is asking of us.

What needs to die in you? What is asking to be born? Your dancing body can bring you safely to answers beyond what your mind can conceive of.

Dance it, embody it, be it.

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