22 May 2019


“Live the Truth of your Being. Dance the Truth of your Heart” – Naropa

Naropa is a master of the heart from the Sacha tradition.

From an early age experiences of enlightenment manifested itself spontaneously. These revelations were of a transitory nature and disappeared again into the background. These experiences motivated a thorough investigation later on.

After meeting Osho, His presence and love resonated deeply in his heart. The denial of the true nature of existence gradually melted away. The apparent separate self awareness dissolved first into Selfrealisation. Later the Self dissolved into All on January 29, 2002 in Laxman Jhula. This was experienced as a dying process. Nobody came back to the stage to claim or announce something. Sacha Baba confirmed and sanctioned this irreversible transformation.

In silence daily life evolved naturally amidst work and raising children. The influence of this shift on the body and mind went on nearly imperceptibly. The old structure required time to reset and be in complete service of Selflessness. The enlightened awareness needed to incarnate into humankind. The heart matured in silence to announce itself.

Shantimayi encouraged Naropa to hold gatherings. Naropa has been giving Satsangs and retreats at home and abroad since 2008. Travel tours are also frequently organized. Hundreds of people attend  the meetings and  experience and integrate their natural state. Many are also shocked by the effectiveness. The congealed life is irrevocably turned upside down when the true nature – which never corresponds with your distorted vision- reveals itself.

Naropa doesn’t proclaim doctrine, dogma, lifestyle or a cult. He can’t be categorized into a spiritual group. People who have complete realization as a priority transform in an authentic, direct and striking manner.

Naropa is an expression of the contemporary time,  the Maitrea energy, the new man.

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