22 May 2019

The 5 Rhythms

Joy is the soul of movement –  Pina Bausch

The Five Rhythms

This dance meditation has been developed by Gabrielle Roth. It is a free dance form with space for both expression and stillness. The rhythms are flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.
Despite every rhythm having their own individuality and strength, they are also connected between themselves and follow each other naturally.
These five rhythms together are called a wave: a wave of energy that can be found in every aspect of life. Everyone can dance. Age or physical limitations need not be an obstacle. There is always a part of your body that can move and you can do this entirely at your own pace.
We dance to different styles of music, attuned to each rhythm.

The 5 stages of the 5 rhythms

Flowing:  Earth/ relaxation; connectedness
In the first rhythm, flowing, the focus is on connection. By dancing in a circling continuous movement, you connect yourself with the power of the earth and you come home into your own body.

Staccato:  Fire/ expressie; boundaries
In the second rhythm, staccato, the focus is on expression. You invite the quality of strength and fire to your dance in a focused manner. From here you can make contact with the others.

Chaos:  Water/surrender; letting go
The third rhythm, chaos, invites to surrender to dancing. By surrendering to your dance and by releasing stuck energy, your body, heart and head become more spacious.

Lyrical:  Air/lightness; space
The fourth rhythm, lyrical, is the rhythm inviting you to effortlessness and lightness. This rhythm is most connected to our essence and our own unique expression of it.

Stillness:  The heart/presence in the moment.
In the last rhythm we let our attention fall inwards. In falling inwards there is space for slowing down, meditation and stillness.

Gabrielle Roth has developed the five rhythms. here is a link to a short movie of her work.

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