22 May 2019

Individual sessions

“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and Ah! let the soul emerge” – Rumi

Individual sessions

It is possible to book an individual breathing session with me. The
power of an individual breathing session is that I can attune to you
entirely to support you in the best way possible.

Breath is a beautiful vehicle to bring frozen energy back to life. Circular breathing allows you to experience on a deeper level where your energy is flowing and where it is stuck. By alternating circular breathing and resting in Beingness we allow the frozen parts in ourselves to come back to life, while simultaneously deepening our Awareness.

In this alternation of intense breathing and resting in Awareness we become one with the breath. By becoming one with the breath we become one with our being. This breathing meditation allows you to let go of all control and come to surrender. That way meditation comes natural and we experience our true nature.

I offer it both in individual sessions and on combination days: breath is a direct portal to your essence. On these days dance and meditation merge organically, using breath as an entrance.

Naropa has trained me to give this meditation.https://www.naropa.eu

Costs are: €75,- per session
Series of two or three: €70,- per session
Series of four or five: €65,- per session
A session takes about an hour and a half.
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