Dance breath meditation

‘If You Don’t Do Your Dance, Who Will?’
                              Gabrielle Roth

move in essence

Dansen is Leven - Mati

Dance and meditation come together in a unique way in Move in Essence. The inspiration from which I teach is grounded in both dance and meditation. These two flow into each other organically; dance is meditation and meditation is an inner dance. In Move in Essence we begin and end with the breath, as the gate to your essence. The different phases form a circle; the cycle of life. The phases are: breath, senses, body awareness, natural flow, strength, surrender, light, stillness, and the cycle ends with the breath, which in turn is the beginning of a new circle. Each circle flows into a new one and a spiral forms that way. The spiral is the symbol of birth and rebirth and at the same time a metaphor for insight and enlightenment. The holy spiral will lead you to the center. When you are in the center, you enter the great silence and you are one with All, your essence. The build-up of the Five Rhythms, as Gabrielle Roth has taught me, contains an enormous power and a natural transition. In my lessons I use this powerful build-up, to which I added some elements, and Move in Essence developed from this. Such is a natural growth of life: to absorb and live what you have been taught, and then to pass it on in your own unique and creative form.